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Radical Feminism: Driving a Psychological Ambulance

May 3, 2014

Screaming Banshee

Radical is as radical does.

Suffice to say I don’t blog much. Can’t, busy.

There is nothing remotely feminist, let alone radical, about attacking other women. Even when women are wrong, other women are not the enemy because other women ultimately are not the problem. Men keep us from uniting with one another by manipulating us into perceiving fault and laying blame which succeeds mainly unless and until we can readily articulate why they are wrong.

Conditioning, socialization, pressure on women – to criticize women more, to cut women less slack. We’re all conditioned, we’re all subject to these pressures and how often does the P slip through the cracks when we thought we were being so diligent? It’s more than constant – it’s axiomatic, because the P and all its lies happen to form most of the mortar of our minds.

Survival is not a meaningful motivation when evaluating…

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