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How to be the perfect victim – a how-to guide for good girls.

August 24, 2013

Remember…it’s never their fault.
You asked for the worst day of your life.
If 50 women support you with all their love, expect it. If one man acknowledges you are anything more than deserving it, thank him and give him a “Like”

Do not say anything bad about the men that threaten rape. You are making them act like that and if you call them violent you are really going to make them mad.

Caroline Criado-Perez

TW for victim-blaming, sexism and racism – many direct quotations included.

Don’t feed the trolls
If you react in any way other than with silence to people threatening you, you deserve the threats. It is really very simple. Shut up and be a good Victimgirl.

Don’t be silent
If someone sets up a day of silence, this is your fault and you are stupid for suggesting it – although don’t forget you should have shut up in the first place. But given you haven’t, you must now not shut up. When you don’t shut up however, you will be ungrateful. Don’t consider suggesting that it is unfair and you can’t win either way. You brought this on yourself by making yourself public property. You asked for this, remember?

Maintain good humour throughout
In the midst of receiving up to a threat a minute, it is absolutely imperative that you not swear…

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