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What’s With the Dancing?

March 3, 2013

 I attended Take Back the Night last night. It was organized by a group of women I was not familiar with. They were young, involved and dedicated.  There was a terrific turnout.

They had wonderful speakers, a march thru the art district and hoards of community resources available where victims of violence can go for help.

 ASU cheerleaders were there dancing.  As a special feature, you could have your photo taken with them.  Nothing helps cure the blues of having the shit kicked out of you in your own home better than posing with a cheerleader, a scantily clad woman whose sole purpose in life is to support men.

Obviously missing from the entire event was the fact that when we say Domestic Violence what we really mean is MALE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.  When we say battered women we are referring to  MALE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

Feminist activist, theologian, author and ex-nun Mary Daly insisted to end male violence against women we MUST ‘name the agent’ and the agent is men.
TBTN started in 1976 as a bold statement from feminists that we were going to fight to take back our rights to walk safely down our own streets at night without fear of the violence against us in the form of sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault.  The Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media along with Andrea Dworkin held the first American TBTN march and rally in San Francisco two years later.  The march was held in the middle of the porn district of the city and Dworkin had just come from New York where she was protesting the release of Snuff , a rape- torture- murder genre porn film that had just opened.

You can bet Dworkin was not afraid to name the agent.

With the exception of ONE speaker last evening (happens to be my bff), even the survivors speaking were happy and enthusiastic over beating their demons of sexual and physical abuse. These women were gushing over breaking free of their individual suffering. They sounded like cancer survivors who took the experimental cure, became healthy and can now share it with the world. Cancer free for everyone! 

But we all know both cancer and male violence are still out there today, ruining and taking lives.

One Billion Rising, Eve Ensler’s global dance party for Domestic Violence was a huge Valentines Day event, an event that may have actually made a statement, if it tried.  Cities around the world had women in the streets joyful and dancing because one billion of us are being beaten, murdered and tortured in our own homes.  Why are women afraid to say MALE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN?

Why are women afraid to be ANGRY?
What’s with all this dancing?


We are dying because of male violence against women.  Go stand next to the girls in the short skirts, you’ll feel better.Image


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  1. Karen Kondej permalink

    Anger has always been problematic for feminists: feminists are angry, shrill, void of humor. That’s how patriarchy labeled us and when we display our legitimate anger, our rage ,we confirm their labels. And, if we don’t smile, then we’re not pretty. So we smile from ear to ear…to please the men.

    But anger serves an important purpose: anger motivates!

    So don’t abandon anger because it is unattractive.

  2. wwomenwwarriors permalink

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  3. Wednesday permalink

    I went to a local presentation of Vagina Monologues a week ago and experienced something very similar. I was invited through a “feminist” meetup group and since I’d never seen it before, I decided to go. The show was being put on to raise awareness about domestic violence. I couldn’t believe my f***ing ears! The local band playing when I arrived was extolling the virtues of red high heels and the first snippet of the show was about a woman whose husband cheated on her because she wouldn’t shave the hair around her vagina and her female psychologist who encouraged her to do so as a compromise in the marriage! There was no resolution in the story other than that the woman felt that her husband would have cheated anyway. I couldn’t believe that this counted as feminism. I suddenly remembered why I didn’t get along with the feminists I knew in college. I left after only 10 mins into the show. Thank you for your blog. DOWN WITH FUN FEMINISM! Yes, we need to name the agent. We need to stop abstracting our oppression and point our fingers at our oppressors. We need to DISMANTLE patriarchy, not smile and make cutesy jokes about it.

    Again, thank you for your blog.

    • CONFESSION TIME> I was actually IN the Vagina Monologues. It was one of the last dying breathes of my liberal fem days. I was The Woman That Loved to Say Cunt. It’s true.
      So embarrassing.

  4. Wednesday permalink

    It is embarrassing and I was embarrassed for the women on stage. What is the purpose of talking about our vaginas (to bring awareness to domestic violence) if we don’t talk about how men are given the right by society to claim ownership of them. I didn’t stay long enough to see/hear the rest (I guess there’s a part about domestic violence or something), but I just couldn’t take it.

  5. donesoverydone permalink

    Reblogged this on things I've read or intend to.

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